Craft Brewers Specialty Coverages

The Craft Brewing Industry is quite different from other commercial organizations. Your unique exposures require very special insurance needs. Not every carrier can meet those needs, much less customize them for a perfect fit. It takes years of experience to know exactly what’s needed, because overlooking even a small risk can quickly destroy years of hard work. Our customizable specialty coverages include:

Commercial Property

•  Selection of Base Property Broadening Endorsements

    —Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum—that add or enhance

    over 65 special coverages, including:

      > Broadened Building and Business Personal Property

      > Business Income & Extra Expense from

          Dependent Properties

      > Employee Theft and other crime coverages

      > Foundations and Underground Pipes

      > Newly Acquired or Constructed Buildings, Business

          Personal Property and Business Income

      > Ordinance or Law

      > Outdoor Property

      > Property In-Transit

      > Property Off-Premises

      > Research & Development Documentation

      > Seasonal Increase

      > Sewer Backup

•  Brewers and Vintners Spoilage & Contamination

•  Beer Leakage

•  Equipment Breakdown

•  Historic Building Valuation Clause

•  Emergency Event Management

•  Data Breach Coverage


Workers’ Compensation

•  Workers’ Compensation Broadening Endorsement

    (for truly exceptional Craft Brewers)


GlobalReach International Offering

•  Property

•  General Liability

Commercial Liability

•  Comprehensive General Liability

    (Primary Limits—$1,000,000)

•  Suite of General Liability broadening coverages that

    add or enhance over 20 coverages, including:

      > Aggregate Limit per Location

      > Product Recall Expense (higher limits available)

•  Liquor Liability (Primary Limits—$1,000,000)

•  Medical Payments for Brew Pubs

•  Broadened Supplementary Payments for Brew Pubs

•  Hospitality Services E&O

•  Umbrella Limits up to $10M (with Liquor)

•  Cyber Liability Coverage


Commercial Auto

•  Commercial Auto (Primary Limits—$1,000,000)

•  Auto Broadening Endorsement—20 additional

    coverages including:

      > Broadened Named Insured

      > Auto Lease Physical Damage

      > Audio, Visual, & Data Electronic Equipment Coverage

•  Broadened Towing and Labor

•  Auto Theft Reward


Commercial Inland Marine

•  Transit Coverage

•  Beer & Alcohol Tax Bond

•  Builder’s Risk

•  Miscellaneous Professional Liability

•  Employment Practices Liability